🇩🇪 EU will anonyme Websites verbieten und Identifizierungspflicht für Domaininhaber einführen inkl. Telefonnummer in Whois. Begründung: #Cybersicherheit.


So haben die deutschen Abgeordneten in LIBE gestimmt:

🇬🇧 #Cybersecurity: EU to ban anonymous websites and “whois privacy” services. The LIBE Committee supports indiscriminatory identification of domain registrars:


This is how the MEPs voted yesterday:

Personally I tend to welcome the openness. When the data protection regulation closed the information, free journalism was hindered, whereas governments still had access.

I then discussed with my registrar whether I could opt-in or set at least the general-request field by my own, but it led to nothing.

A opt-in/opt-out model would be fine for me. I don't understand why I got forced to the empty variant, and now I get forced to the full variant (incl. )



Actually I'm one of the few people whose phone number can be found in the internet. From time to time I get a call from "Microsoft" (maybe an automated is-he-at-home mechanism?) but all-in-all I cannot see harm.

[Though I should not talk to much about this - once I told I was getting very few spam messages and eventually the amount of spam increased, at least subjectively ...]

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