My suspicions have been confirmed. It is most likely that these accounts are managed by one person or organization:
(early they also made the same type of accounts in hubzilla on our hub: and - -

Absolutely accidentally, the same messages to my address are written by all four "girls" at one moment (at that, two of these accounts have long blocked my comments to their posts).

All of these are virtual "hacktivist girls" who are fond of very uncharacteristic topics for girls, use stolen photos for avatars and make reposting of each other.
In the decentralized network diaspora they managed to gather a group of virtual fans of their virtual images. These agents of influence, using the images of girls, have a considerable influence on local boys who want to win their attention and favour.

@zlax I especially like the charge you make against one of these accounts. After a couple of months on "Mastodon", I have the impression that this whole network were all about "Western neocolonialism and green racism" and not much more.

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